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New Lightning Returns App Provides New Screenshots And Map Shots

New Lightning Returns App Provides New Screenshots And Map Shots

Written by Lauren — 14 Nov 2013

Companion Apps seem to be the new trend with video games these days and Lightning Returns seems to be no different.


With the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix has decided to release an App in order for fans to share screenshots and battle tips. Unfortunately, at the moment the app seems to be down for maintenance, however, there are some screenshots floating around that have already been posted up by the developers which you can see below.

Along with the screenshots, there were maps from 4 locations featured so you can get an idea of the worlds you will be exploring in the game. Here are the maps that were featured on the app:


Dead Dunes

The Wildlands


No word on when the App will be back up, but keep checking back and hopefully we'll be able to get some more screenshots soon, but obviously if you're avoiding spoilers, this isn't for you.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases next Thursday, 21st November, in Japan and will be out February 2014 in the West. You can see the screenshots posted below:

Source: Nova Crystallis

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