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Extended 'Wildlands' Footage Released For Lightning Returns

Extended 'Wildlands' Footage Released For Lightning Returns

Written by Lauren — 08 Nov 2013

Recently there was a great deal of footage released for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII featuring the 'Wildlands' section of the game. Now a new video has turned up featuring an extension of this demo.

If you don't want to be spoiled, please don't read after this point.

This video, which you can watch below, features more of the gameplay than anything else. You can see a lot of different accessories Lightning is wearing along with some weapons. Watch closely and you can see quite a few costume changes in there along with Lightning's ballroom gown.

Finally, for those of you concerned about the fate of the White Chocobo near the end of the original 'Wildlands' video, you can see a white chocobo fighting along side Lightning which hopefully means for a happy ending.

Lightning Returns is out 21st November in Japan, 11th February in NA, and the 14th February in Europe. You can watch the new video below:

Source: PC Games

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