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Lightnin Returns Media Blowout Shows Off The World And New Outfits

Lightnin Returns Media Blowout Shows Off The World And New Outfits

Written by Spencer — 02 Sep 2013

Square Enix is a little over two months away from releasing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. With the release quickly coming up, Square has uploaded tons of videos on their Youtube channel. These range from giving you a look at the game's four regions you will explore and tons of the retailer specific pre-order DLC outfits Lightning will get to wear.

First off we will show you the videos introducing you each region you will be visiting along your journey in Lightning Returns.

The Ark will act Lightning and Hope's main base of operations.
[[YouTube? &video=`TBFJWiUvNk`]]

Next is Luxerion, the city we have seen the most of, but still has many mysteries we have yet to discover.
[[YouTube? &video=`78ZvDd_D38s`]]

After that comes Yusnaan, another large town in the midst of a large festival even with the end of the world coming.
[[YouTube? &video=`y7rdhML1qX4`]]

The Dead Dunes are the next stop on this video tour and gives you a look at the large open desert you will need to explore.
[[YouTube? &video=`XIeuXFzJCWA`]]

Finally, there is The Wildlands and this open are will seem very familiar to those who remember what overworlds in past Final Fantasy games looked like.
[[YouTube? &video=`nXLjL3Y1OKs`]]

Then there are also 7 pre-order outfits specific to certain Japanese retailers. This video will show off each one, but if you want a closer look at each outfit follow the source below for a playlist of all of them.
[[YouTube? &video=`l8u8Zsxxhkc`]]

It is nice to watch a bunch of new videos from Lightning Returns and not feel like anything has been spoiled this time. Which world are you most excited about visiting and which samurai costume would you like to have? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Official Youtube Channel

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