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We Did It! Final Fantasy Comes 3rd in Classic FM Hall of Fame

We Did It! Final Fantasy Comes 3rd in Classic FM Hall of Fame

Written by Darryl — 02 Apr 2013

Congratulations everyone, the campaign we were taking part in earlier this year has paid off! Final Fantasy has again been recognised by the Classic FM Hall of Fame, rising this year to achieved 3rd position.

Last year, Aerith's Theme was placed 16th, so Final Fantasy coming 3rd this year is a massive achievement for the franchise, but also video game music in general.

Of course, this has led to some of the Classic FM snobs getting up on their high horse because it's not "real" classical music, and it's only there because of campaigns like this. However, without campaigns like this, the music would not be shown to a much larger audience.

Skyrim also ranked again, rising to 5th position and there was also room for Viva Pinata.

So thanks to everyone from Final Fantasy Union who voted in this year's Classic FM Hall of Fame. Let's make sure we continue to enlighten the world about video game music next year.

Source: Classic FM

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