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Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Site Launched

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Site Launched

Written by Alex — 02 Aug 2012

As the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event draws ever closer, Square Enix have launched a site to celebrate the series from the original 1987 Final Fantasy to the recently released Theatrhythm.

The site has four main elements, the first of which is a Discography where each main Final Fantasy is described with a short paragraph along with a few screenshots. Secondly, there is a Series Biography. Again this describes each game with a short paragraph with a small mention on its release.

The third feature is called 'Mognet'. Like in the Dissidia games, Mog will periodically write letters. These will be posted onto the site under this Mognet section and will contain secret hints. It is also mentioned that other characters might write letters as well, although there is no mention on whether they will main characters from the games or other moogles.

Lastly, there is a Community Feed section which shows posts from the various Facebook and Twitter pages for each of the more recent games in the series.

To get to the site, just click here.

The Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event take place on September 1st.

Source: Square Enix