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Meet Jason Marsden, The Voice Of Noel Kreiss

Meet Jason Marsden, The Voice Of Noel Kreiss

Written by Darryl — 04 Apr 2012

A short time ago we revealed we were interviewing Jason Marsden, the voice of Noel Kreiss, and asked you guys for some questions.

Well, good news! The interview went really well and we managed to get in quite a few of your questions. Lauren and Jason had a ton of fun and we hope that comes across with you guys.

Jason talks about what it was like to work with the other voice actors on the game, and what it was like to take on the role of Noel Kreiss, as well as some other roles in his career.

To check out the interview, please head over to our parent site We hope you really enjoy listening to the interview - there's also some lovely music underscoring it.

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