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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Jihl Nabaat and Lightning Scenario DLC

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Jihl Nabaat and Lightning Scenario DLC

Written by Banaz — 08 Mar 2012

Square Enix has detailed the upcoming DLC packs for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

It was rumored that the minor antagonist of Final Fantasy XIII, Jihl Nabaat, was going to make a comeback in the sequel as battle DLC. Now its official that you will indeed get the chance to face her in the coliseum, and not alone for that matter. During battle, Jihl has the ability to call in PSICOM soliders for reinforcements. Once defeated, she can join your party as a Saboteur. This DLC will be available on March 13.

Also coming right up on the upcoming DLC list is a Lightning scenario titled "Lightning's Story: Requiem for a Goddess." Not many details are unveiled yet other then that this story focuses on Lightning's battle against Caius, features a battle system that's different from the game's regular battle system, and that this episode will reveal the hidden truths behind the Final Fantasy XIII-2 ending. This scenario shall be released sometime in mid-may.

In the meantime, you can click here for a look at some of the other upcoming DLC, here for details on the recently released Sazh scenario "Heads or Tails", or you can check out our interview with Troy Baker and Laura Baily, the voices of Snow and Serah from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Source: Nova Crystallis