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Gilgamesh, Coming To A Final Fantasy XIII-2 Near You

Gilgamesh, Coming To A Final Fantasy XIII-2 Near You

Written by Banaz — 29 Feb 2012

Yup you've heard it here folks, Gilgamesh is planned to make a grand cameo in Final Fantasy XIII-2. This interdimensial rift wanderer from Final Fantasy V will be making his way to the coliseum, where he can battle it out against our heroes Serah and Noel. With enough luck, you may be able to obtain his crystal and add him to your party.

Also, there's a couple more battles that we can look forward to. There's going to be another guest appearance, who is a villian from Final Fantasy VI (word yet on who this villian is, although there's speculation that it'll either be Ultros or Kaiser Dragon). You'll also be able to battle it out against Jihl Nabaat, the minor antagonist from Final Fantasy XIII (you can check out a screenshot of her in the coliseum here.

There has been no word yet on when these DLC will be released, but you can satisfy yourself in the meantime with some of the DLC that's currently available, such as the Lightning and Amodar battle or the "Sazh: Heads or Tails" DLC. If you successfully complete this scenario, you can include him in your party as a synergist. More info about this scenario can be read here.

Source: Siliconera