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Character Spotlight: Hope Estheim & Alyssa Zaidelle

Character Spotlight: Hope Estheim & Alyssa Zaidelle

Written by Colin — 26 Jan 2012

Today's spotlight features a much older Hope Estheim and a brand new supporting character, Alyssa Zaidelle. The two are with the Academy, a research organization established to create a world independent of fal'Cie. A bit of caution, if you haven't played Final Fantasy XIII, this contains spoilers regarding Hope's backstory.

Hope Estheim
Hope was one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy XIII. He was inadvertently dragged into the fight when he lost his mother during the Purge. Blaming Snow for his lost, he tags along with Lightning and the group in order to get his revenge. He progressively matures throughout the game and at a turning point, forgives Snow for his mother's death.

Hope appears as a supporting character in Final Fantasy XIII-2. His path crosses with Serah and Noel in 10 AF. Ten years older and far more matured, he is now the leader of the Academy, a research organization established after the fall. Hope still uses his boomerang as a weapon and comes to the aid of Serah and Noel when they run into a monster of the Void.

Based on one of the trailers, Hope's motives for researching the appearance of spacetime anomalies appear to be driven by the loss of his mother and his desire to see his friends again.

Alyssa Zaidelle
Alyssa is another major supporting character in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Serah and Noel first meet her in 5 AF in the Bresha Ruins where she helps them out of a bind. She's also a member of the Academy and while she starts off as a trainee, she quickly works her way up the ranks and becomes Hope's personal assistant.

Bright and spunky, her personality is quite reminiscent of Vanille, making her the most popular among her peers. However, Alyssa also appears to hide a more somber side to her personality. In the FFXIII-2 demo, she asks Noel and Serah to search for a certain grave within the Bresha Ruins, saying that it's really important to her, suggesting that she may have lost someone important during the Purge much like Hope lost his mother.

Tomorrow's Friday and that means we'll be shining the spotlight on Lightning, the narrator and and a major driving force behind Final Fantasy XIII-2!