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Character Spotlight: Snow Villiers & NORA

Character Spotlight: Snow Villiers & NORA

Written by Colin — 25 Jan 2012

Hello there again and thanks for joining us for yet another character spotlight. Up next are NORA, the resistance fighters led by Snow Villiers, Serah's fiance. Again, no spoilers here, just information based on what Square Enix have released publically, we hope you find this informative!

Snow Villiers
Snow Villiers is the founder and leader of resistance group NORA, and also fiance to Serah Farron. He calls himself "The Hero," but usually jumps into action before thinking it through. Due to this, a number of characters dislike his personality, especially Lightning. In Final Fantasy XIII, Snow does everything in his power to save Serah, regardless of the direness surrounding the situation.

Post Final Fantasy XIII, Snow believes that Lightning is holding up Cocoon alongside Fang and Vanille. Despite his take on the turn of events, he believes in Serah when she says that Lightning is still alive and goes out in search for her. He hands Serah his engagement pendant before vanishing as well.

In recent trailers, Snow is seen dressed in a worn out trench coat, and has grown out his hair, which now resembles that of a chocobo. He ̢