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Which Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-order Bonus Are You Getting?

Which Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-order Bonus Are You Getting?

Written by Colin — 24 Jan 2012

Here's a quick rundown of the pre-order goods Square Enix has in store for you. Depending on where you make your purchase, you'll be in for a number of collectible treats, including downloadable items or collectibles of the more tangible kind.
Should you pre-order from, you'll get access to an exclusive coliseum boss battle against the mechanical behemoth Omega. Beat him and you can add him to your Party Pack. You'll also get $10 back in Amazon credit.

Pre-ordering from GameStop will nail you a couple of exclusive goods for Serah Farron, including the Genji Bow which is exclusive to GameStop PowerUp Rewards members. For everyone else, Serah will get the Summoner's Garb, an alternate costume that dresses her up in traditional Gran Pulse attire, which shows up in in-game cutscenes.

For those that prefer the more tangible collectible items, Best Buy is your best bet. (Keke, see what I did there?) Fans will be treated to the Final Fantasy XIII -Episode I- Novella, a book which ties together the events of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

If you'd like a poster, be sure to head over to Walmart as they are offering the Battle for Valhalla poster as a pre-order bonus item, featuring Lightning, Caius, Noel and Serah about to cross blades in Valhalla's abandon.

So which one are you getting? If you haven't decided yet you can check out Square Enix's official Final Fantasy XIII-2 website for more information on pre-order bonuses.

The game is out next week on January 31 in North America and February 3 in Europe.