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Character Spotlight: Meet Serah Farron, Noel Kreiss & Mog

Character Spotlight: Meet Serah Farron, Noel Kreiss & Mog

Written by Colin — 23 Jan 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is just over the horizon and so it's time to meet your heroes and villains. Starting today and leading up to the game's release, we'll be presenting a brief synopsis of key characters and their roles in FFXIII-2.

First up are Serah Farron, Noel Kreiss and their furry little companion Mog. Don't worry, there are no spoilers here.

Serah Farron:
Meet one out of your two main playable characters of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Serah Farron, whom most of you have already been ever so slightly acquainted with in Final Fantasy XIII.

Serah played a major part in FFXIII, ironically spending a large portion of the game crystalized after fulfilling her Focus as a Pulse l'Cie. She is Lightning's younger sister and, although she comes across as a damsel in distress, is able to hold her own. Right after the events of FFXIII, Lightning vanishes leaving only her knife as evidence of her existence, leaving everyone else save for Serah alone believing that she died saving Cocoon.

In FFXIII-2, Serah is living in New Bodhum, a seaside village on Gran Pulse established by Snow and NORA in memory of their home in Cocoon. With her fondness for history, Serah teaches and handles a small class of children, most of whom are quite close to her even though she is a very strict teacher.

One somber night, Serah dreams of Lightning doing battle in another realm, only to wake up and find herself in a strange otherworldly outfit. Before she knows it, a meteor crashes nearby New Bodhum, bringing a wave of monsters and, along with it, a stranger who knows about Lightning.

Noel Kreiss:
Noel Kreiss is your second main playable character in FFXIII-2. He plays a pretty big role in this sequel, arriving in New Bodhum alongside a meteor and waves of rather unfriendly monsters. A time traveler from 700 years in the future, he reveals himself as the last remaining survivor of the human race. Noel is dressed in traditional Gran Pulsian attire and armed with weapons of like origin.

Noel comes across as cheerful and confident despite his past, which we will not speak of here. As such he is easily excited when it comes to meeting new people, even when they aren't exactly excited to meet him. NORA is immediately suspicious of his arrival in New Bodhum and urges Serah not to follow him. However, Noel convinces her that he knows where Lightning is and will take her to her. And so begins the adventure and their quest through time.

As seen in a number of trailers, Noel appears to have some form of connection with the foreboding Caius Ballad, the antagonist of FFXIII-2, and the mysterious young girl Paddra Nsu-Yeul.

Mog is a moogle, a creature of unknown origin only spoken of in folklore. Summoned by Lightning to act as Serah's guide and protector, Mog is found alongside Noel when he arrives to much fanfare in New Bodhum.

He's shy and doesn't speak much at first, but opens up as he gets accustomed to Noel and Serah's presence. Mog can transform into a variety of weapons for Serah to use. He's also able to detect hidden items and time anomalies, as well as procure items that are usually out of reach of the party.

Fun fact, Mog doesn't like to get poked and will squirm out of a hug from strangers.