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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Japanese TV Spot

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Japanese TV Spot

Written by Banaz — 07 Dec 2011

Just about a week before it's release in Japan, Square Enix releases a small TV commercial for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The trailer itself is 15 seconds long and solely consists of cutscene footage, most of which we've already seen in the previous trailers with a couple of exceptions. In one still, Yeul is seen sitting on a sofa that was in the Narthex of Orphan's Cradle from Final Fantasy XIII. At the very end of the trailer Lightning, still in her Guardian Corps uniform, stands before Etro's shrine and sheds a tear.

What could all this mean? Seems like we'll have to wait till Final Fantasy XIII-2's release in Japan on December 15, in North America on January 31, and in Europe on February 3 to find out.

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Source: Nova Crystallis