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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle System Footage

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle System Footage

Written by Banaz — 30 Nov 2011

So far, we've have been receiving insight on Final Fantasy XIII-2's gameplay system through reports, impressions, and screenshots. Today, we get to see for ourselves the features of the enhanced battle system in action.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 utilizes the same battle system seen in the first game, complete with Paradigm Shifts to keep players on their feet. The difference is that Square Enix have made a number of enhancements, including removing posing animations every time a paradigm shift is performed and cinematic action sequences. In addition, the third party member is now a monster that can be recruited throughout the game.

Only 15 days till Final Fantasy XIII-2's release in Japan. The game is out for North America on January 31 and Europe on February 3.

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Source: IGN UK