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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Caius and the Fragment System

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Caius and the Fragment System

Written by Banaz — 28 Nov 2011

The latest issue of Weekly Jump featured a spotlight on Final Fantasy XIII-2'S purple-haired antagonist, Caius, revealing a bit of his character. There's also a bit on a little something called the Fragment System.

The publication reveals that Final Fantasy XIII-2's main antagonist's full name is Caius Ballad. Apparently he's chasing after Noel with a hidden, overwhelming power. He is seen by his opponents as extremely intimidating, wielding his grand Ragnarok blade easily. Caius rarely expresses his emotions and his icy expression and personality make it impossible to decipher his motives.

Also detailed today is the fragment system. As already mentioned, there are a total of 160 fragments in the game, which carry knowledge of legends from the past. By retrieving the scattered fragments and handing them over to the mystic that reside in the grand casino Serendipity, various powers will awaken within you. These skills that are different from other abilities enhance your gameplay in a very interesting way.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to release on December 15 in Japan, January 31 in North America and February 3 in Europe.

Source: Nova Crystallis