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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is Now Complete

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is Now Complete

Written by Banaz — 22 Nov 2011

According to this week's Famitsu interview with Final Fantasy XIII-2 Director Motomu Toriyama, the Japanese Final Fantsy XIII-2 is now officially complete. Toriyama says that now the staff is currently keeping busy with working on the North American and European versions of the game as well as downloadable content. Besides this "shocking" bit of news, the XIII-2 director also gives us some information on the game's play time, music and more.

Completing Final Fantasy XIII-2's main story, excluding side quests, will take about 30 to 40 hours. Just like the first game, the story is divided into chapters, which takes two to three hours to complete. Apparently, this concept was designed with the goal that you could play a chapter or two so that it would fit in with your daily schedule.

There is a time rewind system featured in the Histora Crux. Rewinding time resets the area to its initial point so that players can experiment with the decisions they make and receive different outcomes. And if you play around with this time rewind feature, you encounter various events known as "Paradox Endings." There are several of these paradox endings that you won't be able to experience until you're in your second playthrough of the game.

After completing the game for the first time, if you restart the game using your save file, you are brought to the Historia Crux prior to the final boss battle.

The news of receiving a bonus for keeping a Final Fantasy XIII save file was brought up once again. Toriyama doesn't specify what the actual bonus itself is. However he did mention that aside from that bonus, players would also be receiving a wallpaper.

As mentioned in this acticle, there are a multiple of composers who each had a specific role to play in Final Fantasy XIII-2's music. For example, Masashi Hamauzu composed songs that focused on Lightning and areas that appeared in the previous game. Any music that was related to Noel was taken care of by Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki worked on the more techno pop and modern-style songs.

There's also a few other random tidbits of info that were mentioned in the interview. The difficulty of the puzzles in the story is easy, while there are also optional, more difficult puzzles available. Both playable characters and the choccobos in the game can jump, and you're able to improve the character's jumping ability later on in the game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is available in Japan on December 15, January 31 in North America and February 2 in Europe.

Source: Andriasang