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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Save File Bonus and Hope's Importance

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Save File Bonus and Hope's Importance

Written by Banaz — 13 Nov 2011

The Japanese conducted an interview with Final Fantasy XIII-2 Producer Yoshinori Kitase.

A word of advice: Save those save files folks! Kitase confirmed that players who still have a Final Fantasy XIII save file will be receiving a special bonus in Final Fantasy XIII-2. There aren't any specifics yet as to what the bonus is, but apparently it won't make such a huge difference on the game, it'll just be convenient to have.

Kitase goes on by detailing a bit on the "fragments" in the game. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, fragments can be considered as quests and there are over a hundred available. By completing them, you can get rewards, special items, skill ups, and more of that sort. The fragments aren't a main part of the story so for those who don't like sidequests, you can carry on through the game without them.

The last part of the interview focuses a lot on Hope and his importance in the game. Kitase reiterates that Serah and Noel are indeed the main characters of the game however out of the original cast that make a reappearance, Hope is very important because of his role which ties to XIII-2's theme of "prayer for regeneration/rebirth."

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out in Japan on December 15, January 31 for North America, and February 3 for Europe.

Source: Andriasang