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Quick Q & A with Final Fantasy XIII-2 Producer

Quick Q & A with Final Fantasy XIII-2 Producer

Written by Banaz — 07 Nov 2011 conducted a quick Q & A with Final Fantasy XIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase in London during its European media tour.

For the first part of the event, fans got treated to 10 minutes of footage, which included the Sunleth Waterscape and guest battles with Snow. Kitase teased that they also got to show off the game's Moogle tossing component.

In the interview, Kitase said how XIII-2 is nearly completed which is no surprise since the game is to be released in Japan on December 15. He's currently playing through the game, and notes that the game is full of elements like cruising on different trails in the Historia Crux and finding lost fragments. According to him, the story retains its epic nature and that there's a great balance between both the story and gameplay components within the game.

The last part of the questionare ended off with Famitsu asking Kitase if a fan said anything to him that left a lasting impression, and he noted that a girl at the event inquired him in Japanese when Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be released. He said that he was unable to give an answer.

Hopefully after Final Fantasy XIII-2 is released in Japan December 15, we can finally catch a glimpse of some Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Source: Andriasang