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Final Fantasy Type-0 Final Trailer

Final Fantasy Type-0 Final Trailer

Written by Banaz — 19 Oct 2011

Feast your eyes upon this eleven and a half minute trailer released by Square Enix.

The majority of the trailer encompasses Final Fantasy Type-0's gameplay, and gives a good overview of the different styles of play for all twelve characters. There's some footage of the player riding on chocobos through various terrains, wondering the campus grounds, and socializing with students.

The trailer than transitions to some airship combat, and real time strategy gameplay. The last bit of footage showcases the player recieving missions and the many summons of the game. Near the end, you can catch a glimpse of what appears to be the thirteenth main character of the game.

This is presumably Square Enix's last trailer. It won't be long now till Final Fantasy Type-0's Japanese release on October 27.

[[YouTube? &video=`X_i3iepFSRg`]]

Source: Andriasang