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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets 1-2 DLC Updates Per Month

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets 1-2 DLC Updates Per Month

Written by alex — 11 Oct 2011

Yoshinori Kitase has told Dengeki Playstation some new details about Final Fantasy XIII-2 this week and the main point of discussion is downloadable content.

Kitase has said that there will be a large amount of content for the game. As a rough schedule, he says that the game will receive one or two downloadable content updates per month, each containing multiple items.

For the price, Kitase has said that they are not able to speak of the price of the content yet. However, there will be a good balance between the price and the quality of content that customers will accept.

So far, Square Enix has announced some DLC which will include some new costumes, weapons and enemies. Kitase has said to expect the content to be more involved than to just download a weapon or item, new play elements would be introduced, like players may have to defeat a monster to obtain it.

There has been confirmation that the downloadable costumes will work in the game's cutscenes, there are modifications being currently made for this to work.

Outside of the interview, Kitase and game director Motomu Toriyama, the Dengeki story provided a detailed look of the ̢

Source: Andriasang