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Final Fantasy XIII-2 : Chocobo Racing, Casinos, and DLC Galore!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 : Chocobo Racing, Casinos, and DLC Galore!

Written by Banaz — 18 Sep 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed quite a bit at the Tokyo Game Show 2011 regarding the content that we can look forward to in the upcoming title.

One new addition to Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the inclusion of an amusement center full of mini games, much like Final Fantasy VII'S Golden Saucer. Among the new mini games is chocobo racing and a casino.

Also mentioned was post-release downloadable content. including costumes, weapons, and even monsters. Kitase assured fans that the content existant in the game is fulfilling enough but that the DLC will allow longer play and allow the player to play the game to an even greater depth.

There's some pre-release non-downloadable content to look forward to as well. Square Enix will be releasing in September a six-chapter story called "Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report." It basically looks back at the story of XIII but through the eyes of Rygdea and Yaag Rosch. The Lost Story report is planned only for Japan but we can always look forward to a fan-translation soon afterward.

Source: Andriasang