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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Details

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Details

Written by Alex — 22 Aug 2011

Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama have released more information for Final Fantasy XIII-2 today with five new screens and a narrated trailer to keep us in wait for the final game in 2012.

The new screens that have been shown show the revamped battle system as well as some screenshots of Yaschas Massif and of the Paddra ruins.

The newly revamped battle system has had some enhancements to the HUD which look a bit crisper than in XIII. Another new feature shown in the battle screenshots is Serah's ability to use melee attacks with her sword and distanced attacks with her bow and arrow dependent on her situation, a handy skill.

Picture #3 has Serah finding Lightning's knife which may be the knife that Snow and Serah got for Lightning's Birthday in XIII, Serah comments that it was supposed in her house but is somehow outside.

Yaschas Massif, as shown in picture #4 was a wild area on Gran Pulse that was explorable during XIII but now you can revisit this area and interact with NPCs that are also there.

The last picture features one of the largest and most prosperous cities on Gran Pulse, Paddra which is now in ruins. After trekking through a treacherous valley, protagonists Serah and Noel reach the ruins to find soldiers and scientists observing the insides of the ruins in search of the mystery of the city's destruction.

The new trailer doesn't show off much but Kitase and Toriyama do discuss some features of that have been shown in earlier announcements. Some of these features are the interactive cutscenes in battles and the monsters joining the party. However, there is some footage of Lightning being a playable character. Kitase and Toriyama inform that more news will coming our way soon. If you want to see the video, click here.

Toriyama insists that Final Fantasy XIII-2 has a dark tone and will be much darker than Final Fantasy X-2 which was very light-hearted. With the details of the Paddra ruins and its mysterious destruction, he isn't looking to disappoint.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is due to be released in December for Japan and in Early 2012 for western territories.

Thank you to Facebook user Aaron for pointing out this story.

Source: IGN