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Square Enix Considering FFXI PlayStation Vita Port

Square Enix Considering FFXI PlayStation Vita Port

Written by Colin — 13 Jul 2011

According to a Square Enix feature in Japanese publication Famitsu, Final Fantasy XI director Hiromichi Tanaka made a nod at a potential PlayStation Vita port of Final Fantasy XI, albeit a basic port of the MMO.

Tanaka says that there are no plans for a PS3 port, especially with the situation that FFXIV is currently in. He clarifies that using the PS3 hardware is difficult for creating a simple port. FFXIV was announced for both PC and PS3, but has only seen release on PC with no word about the PS3 version in the foreseeable future.

A portable version of an MMO game would certainly be a neat concept and players will be able to stay constantly connected thanks to the Vita's 3G capabilities. What do you ladies and gents think?

Source: Siliconera