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Lightning Had Quite The House, Lakeside Property And All

Lightning Had Quite The House, Lakeside Property And All

Written by Colin — 25 Apr 2011

We've heard well before that Final Fantasy XIII had enough content cut from it that it could make an entirely new game - maybe you've heard of Final Fantasy XIII-2? Speaking in a string of interviews, art director Isamu Kamikokuryou revealed just some of the assets that were dumped from the game, including Lightning's lakeside home, a flippin' Zoo and Nora's secret hideout.

Lightning's home, which players only managed to catch a glimpse of the oversized kitchen in the game, was pretty darn big with its own land estate. The entire island had been modelled and textured, with the devs saying that they could even walk around the property.

The house itself looks like a pea-pod with one side elevated above the lake. A glass-sheltered stairway leads up to the entrance. Images of the interior showed the living room, Lightning's bedroom, as well as the kitchen. Development on Lightning's property had apparently progressed quite far, with assets and artwork all made and ready.

In addition, Kamikokuryou also revealed that Team Nora had a secret hideout hidden away somewhere in a shop, sounds quite awesome and familiar, doesn't it? Nautilus Park, which featured a Chocobo farm, had an entire zoo at one point in development before getting dropped from the final game.

All of this was already running on PS3 hardware apparently, but due to space and "overall game balancing," none of it made into the actual game.

Source: Andriasang