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Final Fantasy VII Rumour Mill Starts Up Again, This Time On NGP

Final Fantasy VII Rumour Mill Starts Up Again, This Time On NGP

Written by Darryl — 12 Apr 2011

The Final Fantasy VII rumour mill has started up again, as an email from a "Square Enix" employee has been leaked to the general public. This time though, the rumour suggests it won't be for the PlayStation 3, it will be for the Sony NGP (called PSP2/Neo) in the email.

The email is written to employees at Square Enix Europe, apparently asking for linguist experts to help with the localisation. It suggests that the Final Fantasy VII remake will be titled, Final Fantasy VII: Enhanced Version.

It will feature new high-resolution graphics, with locations fully rendered in 3D. There will also be an endless world, with incredible looking cities. Characters will look like they do in Advent Children and the music will also be completely remastered, with a few new tracks being composed too.

The battle system would also see changed, having a system more like Final Fantasy XIII's. It will be fast paced, but random battles will also be a thing of the past.

The only thing that would remain unchanged, would be the story.

It seems rather sketchy if you ask me. Firstly, the email references the company Square Enix as "Square-Enix", which I've never seen anyone internally do. You'd also think that Square Enix knows what their employees and different divisions are capable of, without having to ask people. The emails signature also looks rather strange, not like any Square Enix email signature I've ever seen.

So, in short, I wouldn't hold your breath on this, even if it would be awesome.

Thanks to @diegopaulop on Twitter for the heads up!

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