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Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Releasing Soon

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Releasing Soon

Written by Darryl — 01 Feb 2011

Square Enix has revealed that they'll be releasing a new version of Final Fantasy IV called Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. As you've probably guessed already, it'll include everything to do with Final Fantasy IV thus far.

Yes, that means it will have the original SNES game (Final Fantasy II for you non-pure North Americans), but it will also include Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, an extended episode which was released on Japanese mobile phones. To make it even more irresistible some Amano artwork will also be included.

For Europe, it currently has a release date of "Spring 2011", but in North America it's down for April the 19th, 2011. It'll be releasing on PlayStation Portable


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