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Nomura Hints at Dissidia 012 DLC

Nomura Hints at Dissidia 012 DLC

Written by Alex — 21 Sep 2010

During the Tokyo Game Show , Square Enix revealed some new costumes for Dissidia 012. These costumes are related to Square Enix's upcoming PSP titles Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday.

Cloud and Lightning are the two characters who are going to receive new downloadable costumes. Cloud will be able to receive his costume from Kingdom Hearts and Lightning will be able to dress up as Aya Brea from The 3rd Birthday. These costumes will be available with codes that are included with first print runs of the games which would be used on the PSN. Nomura mentions:

"The Aya costume is a collaboration that was realized because production on Dissidia and The 3rd Birthday were running in parallel, and the development teams are in the same group. The Final Mix costume has the same reason. Also, the release dates were near, so we decided to link them."

And that doesn't seem to be the end of it. There seems to be plans for more costumes to be added to the game later on after release as Nomura goes to say:

"This time, Dissidia is full of these types of download elements, so look forward to a followup report."

Dissidia 012 has been given a Spring 2011 release window.

Source: Andriasang