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Nomura: Tokyo Game Show Promos May See Web Release

Nomura: Tokyo Game Show Promos May See Web Release

Written by Colin — 31 Aug 2010

Remember the bit of news that Final Fantasy Versus and Agito XIII are finally getting a re-reveal at this year's Tokyo Game Show complete with trailers and in-game footage? Remember the disappointing bit that dashed all our dreams? Yeah, that one about the one minute combined promo that won't be shown the the public.

Well, don't get all hung up just yet. Tetsuya Nomura recently tweeted away that whilst working and spending much of his time editing said footage, they are actually considering a release for the web.

"Editing the TGS promotional videos is taking up my thoughts and my time. We're also looking into a time frame for a release on the net, so those who can't come to the event take ease."

What that time frame means is beyond me, but hopefully it'll be a short period after TGS.

The poor man was also confused by Twitter jargon, he would like to know what it means when one tweets with just @name and nothing else.

You're not alone there Nomura, I would like to know what that means too.

Source: Andriasang