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Tetsuya Nomura Under Orders To Tweet

Tetsuya Nomura Under Orders To Tweet

Written by Colin — 03 Aug 2010

Alright well this isn't exactly Final Fantasy related news, but hey, it's about everyone's favourite designer, Tetsuya Nomura.

Apparently, he's been spotted on Twitter, although according to him, he's only posting because he's "under orders" to do so. Now Square Enix's Yoichi Wada and Shinji Hashimoto have been known to be quite the Twitter fiends, posting up a storm on the Square Enix Members Twitter feed. However, Tetsuya Nomura himself has yet to actually join the craze.

He's made two tweets so far,

"Acting under orders, I'll be exclusively making posts here. Good morning. I haven't actually gotten up early. Also, I won't go to sleep yet. See you later."

and a few hours later,

"The summer sky in the morning feels good. In the future, aside from me, Kitase and Tabata will also be making posts. Although, they don't it yet."

Yoshinori Kitase and Hajime Tabata and deeply involved in The 3rd Birthday, and Nomura will be posting through that Twitter feed, not his own.

Source: Andriasang