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Written by Darryl — 05 Jul 2010

E3 2010 was a pretty crazy time for everyone, but Colin and I managed to find some time to sit down and speak to two of the key figures behind Final Fantasy XIV; Hiromichi Tanaka, the game's director, and Yasu Kurosawa, the game's community manager.

We thoroughly enjoyed the chance to chat with them and ask them about their upcoming game - they seemed pretty happy too. You can check out the full interview over at, our parent site, but here's a little teaser from the interview.

Gaming Union: In Final Fantasy XI, people felt it took a long time for the story to get going - especially with the later missions. Is this something you'll be addressing in Final Fantasy XIV?

Tanaka: It will probably be similar in Final Fantasy XIV as well because we don't want people to see the full story right away.

Kurosawa: We're trying to make Final Fantasy XIV accessible for solo players. As it's an MMO we do expect some party play to be experienced by players and hopefully that will bring the story much more meaning.

Full Interview: E3 2010: Final Fantasy XIV Interview

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