Final Fantasy XIII-2 Voice Actor Interviews

For the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 we were able to speak with all of the core cast members of the game. This meant second interviews with Ali Hillis and Troy Baker, but we also had the chance to speak with three new voice actors this time around, two of which didn't appear in the original game.

For this wave, we had the chance to speak to Laura Bailey (Serah Farron), Liam O'Brien (Caius Ballad) and Jason Marsden (Noel Kreiss).

Lightning (Ali Hillis)

Final Fantasy Union welcomes Ali Hillis back to the show to talk about her playing Lightning once more in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Snow Villiers (Troy Baker)

Reprising his role as Snow Villiers for Final Fantasy XIII-2, Troy Baker returned for a second interview with us about his role in the game.

Serah Farron (Laura Bailey)

For our first interview with Laura Bailey, we got to speak to her about the role of Serah in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Caius Ballad (Liam O'Brien)

Liam O'Brien, the voice of Caius Ballad, joins us at Final Fantasy Union for the first time to talk about his role as the new bad boy of Final Fantasy in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Noel Kreiss (Jason Marsden)

To round out our interviews on Final Fantasy XIII-2, we spoke to Jason Marsden, the voice of Noel Kreiss.