Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Voice Actor Interviews

We were presented with a rather unique opportunity in 2015. After interviewing Ace, Deuce and Nine, we then reached out to many of the other cast members for a new batch of interviews run in conjunction with Square Enix!

It means we spoke to a ton of the cast members and got some rather insightful nuggets of information.

Ace (Jonathon McClendon)

Our second Final Fantasy Type-0 interview, we got to speak to the lead of the pack, Jonathan McClendon who plays Ace.

Deuce (Bryce Hitchcock)

Although in the game she represents the number 2 (Deuce), Bryce Hitchcock joins us for our 3rd interview Final Fantasy Type-0 HD interview.

Trey (Matthew Mercer)

Despite being super busy with, well, life, Matthew Mercer still managed to take the time to speak with us about his role of Trey in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Cater (Kristen Klabunde)

Kristen has worked on a huge array of projects despite still being quite young in her career. How often do you get someone who's worked on Broadway also voice acting a Final Fantasy game?

Cinque (Cristina Vee)

Famed in the world of voice acting for her prominent anime and video game roles, it was a privilage to speak with Cristina Vee, the voice of Cinque in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Sice (Corri English)

Sice is definitely a sassy lady, and for this interview Corri English tells us all about how much she enjoyed playing her.

Eight (Jeff Fischer)

Having already voiced Yuj in the Final Fantasy XIII series, it was great to also speak with Jeff Fischer about his role as Eight in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Nine (Orion Acaba)

Arriving as our first Final Fantasy Type-0 HD cast interviewee, Orion Acaba joins us to talk about his role as Nine.

Nine (Orion Acaba) #2

Glutton for punishment, Orion Acaba decided to speak to us for a second time, this time a few months after the launch of the game, about his role as Nine in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

King (Mike Vaughn)

Mike Vaughn has done a number of roles over the years in games from Spider-Man: Web of Shadows to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. King was his first Final Fantasy role and due to the vast popularity of the series, Mike was very excited.

Rem (Peyton McCormick)

Rem plays such an important role within Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that it was a privilage to talk with Peyton McCormick, her voice over artist.

Machina (Bryce Papenbrook)

Portraying the role of Machina was a pretty hefty task, but it's one that Bryce Papenbrook rose to. Having voiced so many illustrious characters in history, it was great to speak to him about his role in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Kurasame (Robbie Daymond)

Kurasame has a pretty unique role within Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Robbie Daymond, the voice of Kurasame joins us for this interview as Class Zero's commanding officer.

Qator Bashtar (Mark C Hanson)

Mark C. Hanson joins us to talk about what it was like to lend his voice to one of the villains in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Dr Arecia (Eliza Jane Schneider)

Eliza Jane Schneider has a pretty hefty voice acting resume. With games like Assassin's Creed and shows like South Park, you've probably heard one of her many performances.