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Matthew Mercer (Final Fantasy Type 0 HD) Interview

The Voice of Trey

Despite being super busy with, well, life, Matthew Mercer still managed to take the time to speak with us about his role of Trey in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Ali Hillis (MCM Expo) Interview

The Voice of Lightning

Having interviewed Ali Hillis three times before about her role as Lightning, we were super excited when we finally had the opportunity to meet-up with her in person at MCM Expo 2015.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Voice Actor Interviews

For the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, we had a rather unique opportunity. Not only did we get to interview some voice actors twice (pre/post launch), we also had the chance to work with Square Enix to make these interviews a little bit more official than usual.

Through this arrangement, we got to speak rather a large array of cast members, including most of Class Zero! Head onto the next page to browse through them all, there's plenty to keep you busy!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Voice Actor Interviews

For the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, we were able to speak to a large portion of the cast, including interviews with Jessica DiCicco (Lumina) and Julie Nathanson (Chocolina)!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Voice Actor Interviews

For this action-packed sequel, a few of the cast members had differing roles. We also had some new characters introduced in the form of Noel Kreiss and Caius Ballad. The good news is we got to speak to them all!

Final Fantasy XIII Voice Actor Interviews

Our first wave of voice actor interviews kicked off with Final Fantasy XIII. We got a chance to speak to the leading lady (Ali Hillis), but we also had the unique experience of talking to the voice director on the English version, Jack Fletcher.



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