Weapon Skill

Weapon Skill

Final Fantasy XI

Due to the nature of Final Fantasy XI, it was decided that the 'limit break' would be dealt with through the weapon a player decided to use. When a player deals enough damage to an enemy, or received damage from an enemy, they would gain Tactical Points (TP). This information was fed back to players in the form of a percentage, which they could use to plan their strategies.

The amount of TP a player could store up capped at 300 percent and a Weapon Skill could only be performed once 100 percent had been acquired. Dealing damage was the most effective way to gain TP, so high accuracy was always important for damage-dealer class types. Some Weapon Skills offered different effects if they were performed with 200 percent or 300 percent TP, but some just offered more damage as a reward.

Spoilt For Choice, Sort Of

There were fourteen different types of weapon, all of which had completely different Weapon Skills. The total number of Weapon Skills it was possible to learn is currently unrivalled in any Final Fantasy experience, with it totalling at 126 (140 if Ultimate Weapon Skills are included).

Although there was a large quantity of weapon types, they didn't all give players access to the same amount of Weapon Skills. Archery based weapons only allowed players to perform seven different types of move, whereas single handed Swords offered eleven.

Some of the Weapons Skills also required that certain job types were used by the player. For example, Swift Blade for the Sword can only be used by a player who is a Paladin.

Practice Makes Perfect

The main way to obtain new Weapon Skills in Final Fantasy XI was to level up your Weapon Skill. This was done by simply using the weapon, although only a certain amount of points could be gained per character level. Once the Weapon Skill level hit certain milestones, like 10, 50 and 100, new Weapon Skills became unlocked for the player to use.

Not every job was designed to use every weapon type though and some could never achieve enough skill to use the more damaging Weapon Skills. For example, a Thief can only ever use six of the eleven sword Weapon Skills available to a Paladin, whereas a Black Mage can never use any of them.

Renkei For Maximum Damage

With Final Fantasy XI being an MMORPG, allowing players to link their Weapon Skills up really made the system much more dynamic. The Renkei, or Skillchain was performed when players linked up two Weapon Skills. This was usually performed by different players, although Samurai's can perform some on their own.

To decide which element a Renkei would have, players had to perform specific Weapon Skills in a certain order. Double Thrust followed by Slice would result in Distortion, which has the elements of Water and Ice associated with it. If timed correctly, offensive Black Magic spells of the associated element could be cast on the enemy too, which resulted in ManaBursts.

Money Buys Power

Through Dynamis, players could obtain each of the fourteen Relic Weapons. With enough money, these weapons could be upgraded five separate times, which would grant them access to the ultimate weapon for that weapon class. The Sword version of this is called Excalibur.

While each of these weapons offered extremely good stats to their users, they also enabled the usage of the Ultimate Weapon Skills, although they are actually perceived to be relatively useless in actual combat situations.

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