House Solidor

House Solidor

Final Fantasy XII

House Solidor is a noble family that appears in Final Fantasy XII and resides in Archadia. They are in control of the Ministry of Law and have a permanent seat on the Senate, allowing them to exert influence over the actions of the Empire.

The Ministry of Law was created as a means to oppose the original grounds that Archadia was established on as an Empire. The military became too powerful when Archadia was initially established and House Solidor rose to combat this. The Ministry of Law, with the use of its Judges, enabls them to closely monitor the military's actions.

Gramis Gana Solidor, the current Emperor, was the forth succession of House Solidor. His reign was ended when his own son, Vayne Carudas Solidor, killed him via the use of poison. He then assumed his position as the new Emperor, the fifth from House Solidor. It was a devious plot, but Gramis anticipated it and was accepting of it. After all, he had already seen Vayne murder two of his other sons in his thirst for power.

Later, when Vayne is defeated by the group, his younger brother Larsa Ferrinas Solidor is able to take up the role of Emperor for the better good of Archadia.

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