Draw Point

Draw Point

Final Fantasy VIII

Draw Points appear all around the world in Final Fantasy VIII and they are one of the main sources for obtaining magic in the game.

Aside from being found in actual locations, such as towns and cities, they can be also discovered on the world map. However, unlike in locations on the world map they are completely hidden. Other hidden draw points require the use of the Move-Find ability. This must be junctioned in order to see the draw points.

Drawing Magic For Junctioning

One of the main reasons for drawing magic is of course the ability to actually then use the magic, but it also served another purpose. Draw Points enabled players to stock pile magic in order to use the Junction system more effectively to boost stats and influence how status effects could be manipulated by characters.

Two specific locations for this action were the Island Closest To Hell and the Island Closest To Heaven. Both of these remote locations contained powerful spells such as Aura, Ultima, Triple, Meteor and Holy.

Different Types Of Draw Point

Traditional Draw Points found in any of the game's standard locations can be described as purple coloured energy swirling from the ground. When the Draw Point is used up the energy turns blue. They are extremely obvious when walking around and the majority of draw points refill over time. However, some are literally a one time use thing.

All Draw Points require nothing to use them, with the exception of one draw point for Ultima in Shumi Village. If you want to use this draw point, it will cost you 5,000 gil.

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