Da Chao

Da Chao

Final Fantasy VII

Da Chao is a symbolic figure that resembles "Buddha". The people of Wutai's hold this figure in quite high regard and have erected numerous statues in its honour. Surrounding Wutai is a large mountain range which is adorned with various statues and figures, and so eloquently named Da Chao mountain, in his honor.

In the story when Yuffie Kisaragi is escaping from Cloud Strife and the others with their materia, she is captured by Don Corneo. At the same time Elena of the Turks had also taken it upon herself to investigate reports of Don Corneo being in the area and is consequently captured by Don Corneo alongside Yuffie.

Don Corneo then takes them up into the Da Chao mountains and ties each of them a statue of Da Chao's face. When they are rescued by the Turks and Cloud's group, Don Corneo is left hanging from a part of the statue and subsequently falls to his untimely death.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

After tracking AVALANCHE to Wutai, The Turks are able to destroy the the Pagoda, which they had been using as their base of operations.

With their plans in ruins, surviving members of AVALANCHE regroup at Da Chao mountain, seeking shelter amongst its many statues and using them to hide from any further attacks from The Turks.

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