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We love a good feature here at Final Fantasy Union! We look to provide an interesting spectrum of hard hitting opinion pieces, mixed in with lighter features around cosplay, fun facts and our adventures in Final Fantasy XIV. We appreciate you might not be interested in everything we do that's off the beaten path, but there's at least something for eveyone!

Sins And Triumphs - 3 years ago

Sins & Triumphs: Final Fantasy VIII

How do you follow one of the biggest games in history? As Final Fantasy VIII’s development began, its older sibling was released and took the industry by storm, propelling the PlayStation to a pedestal from which it has yet to fall. Expecta...

Sins And Triumphs - 3 years ago

Sins & Triumphs: Final Fantasy XII

Expectations were high for Final Fantasy XII, the first proper game in the series in five years after instant classic X and the first online entry, XI. Ten was a long stride forward and its torch was passed to Yasumi Matsuno, the visionary respons...

Sins And Triumphs - 4 years ago

Sins & Triumphs: Final Fantasy II

In a franchise nearly thirty years old, there are bound to be some black sheep. Every series established in the 8-bit days has made some missteps along the way, and Final Fantasy is no exception. There are certain entries in the main series that earn...