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We love a good feature here at Final Fantasy Union! We look to provide an interesting spectrum of hard hitting opinion pieces, mixed in with lighter features around cosplay, fun facts and our adventures in Final Fantasy XIV. We appreciate you might not be interested in everything we do that's off the beaten path, but there's at least something for eveyone!

Previews - 3 years ago

We Had A Chance To Check Out Final Fantasy Explorers

We've been reporting on Final Fantasy Explorers since mid-2014 when it was announced and even then, only knowing the base premise, I could tell it was a game that would appeal to me. It was introduced as an Action RPG where there are multiple job cla...

Previews - 5 years ago

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Impressions

While many people dismissed Lightning Returns as soon as it was announced, the game is clearly doing something different for the series. While the word different is scary to die hard fans of any series, actually getting your hands on something is the...

Previews - 5 years ago

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Impressions: Returning To Eorzea

Leading up to our review of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn I will be writing impressions about the game. The trouble with playing an MMO during a private Beta is you normally won't have any data carried over from your character when t...

Previews - 5 years ago

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS3 Beta Impressions

Final Fantasy XIV is about to launch at the end of August on PC and PS3. The beta is now coming to a close and now I will take a look back at how the beta went. I will be taking a look at many different aspects that happened during the beta such as c...

Previews - 6 years ago

What We Thought When We Saw Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most divisive games main series titles and its story is finally coming to a close in 2013 with Lightning Returns. First off, put any of your hate or even love for the past two titles aside. Lightning Returns will have...

Previews - 10 years ago

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Preview

A couple weeks ago in the article about the state of Final Fantasy a curious title was mentioned, Dissidia: Final Fantasy. As stated then, most Final Fantasy fans hungry for some pure RPG gameplay won't find what they're hoping for in Dissidia, but n...