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We love a good feature here at Final Fantasy Union! We look to provide an interesting spectrum of hard hitting opinion pieces, mixed in with lighter features around cosplay, fun facts and our adventures in Final Fantasy XIV. We appreciate you might not be interested in everything we do that's off the beaten path, but there's at least something for eveyone!

Amazing Lists - 6 years ago

17 Amazing Final Fantasy VII Facts To Celebrate Its 17th Birthday

For us older fans of the series, it's almost unbelievable that nearly 20 years stand between us and the initial release of Final Fantasy VII. I know that it makes me feel old, and it only gets worse every year! In honor of its 17th birt...

Amazing Lists - 12 years ago

7 Final Fantasy Games Coming In 2009

Earlier today, Square Enix unveiled their release line-up for 2009 which included 28 titles. Unfortunately, only 7 of these titles are related to the world of Final Fantasy, and they are: - Final Fantasy XIII (Playstat...