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Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Not Just Another FFX-2

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Not Just Another FFX-2

Written by Darryl — 16 Mar 2009

When Square Enix initially announced the Fabula Nova Crystallis franchise, fans didn't necessarily treat it with maximum optimism. One of the games was scheduled to come out purely on mobile phones in Japan, and the other had a suspect name and looked like nothing more than a cash-in.

However, since then, much has changed. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is no longer being seen as the tac-on title in the Fabula Nova Crystallis francise, and many are actually looking forward to it more than Final Fantasy XIII itself. The story looks dark and moody, and it looks like it's a much more mature game, with blood being seen in the intriguing combat. The main question though, is how well will it actually do?

It's difficult to try and compare this against Final Fantasy XIII, as Final Fantasy Versus XIII is currently still a Playstation 3 exclusive in all regions. Main series Final Fantasy games are notorious for their popularity in Japan and this was quite evident with Final Fantasy X-2, a game that has mixed feelings amongst Western gamers, but still managed to sell over 2 million units in Japan. Kingdom Hearts didn't manage to achieve anywhere near this though, and it could be seen as a cause for concern. Fortunately, Kingdom Hearts managed to win over Western audiences, and this could be the case here with Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Many wild theories will be shouted out, but one that's probably not so wild any more is the notion that Final Fantasy Versus XIII might actually outsell Final Fantasy XIII in the Western world. This might now be more of a stretch following Square Enix's multi-platform announcement, but it could still be a close call. Metal Gear Solid 4 showed that single platform titles can still perform exceedingly well on the Playstation 3, even if the media would have consumers believe it's failing dismally as a console, but the combined might of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 could see Final Fantasy XIII's sales top 2 million in the US alone if Square Enix make the game up to standard.

Either way, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is shaping up to be a very serious game in its own right, and it certainly doesn't look like it will be riding off the back of its big brother for help in selling well *cough* Final Fantasy X-2 *cough*.

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