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Can Agito Break Monster Hunter's Stranglehold?

Can Agito Break Monster Hunter's Stranglehold?

Written by Darryl — 28 Feb 2009

Monster Hunter has been seen as the de facto game in Japan for the PSP, as the top 3 games sales-wise are all from the Monster Hunter franchise. Square Enix are getting closer to catching up with their sales though, with both Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Dissidia: Final Fantasy posting very respectable numbers.

These sales see Square Enix currently occupy positions 4 and 5 in the PSP's Japanese sales charts, and Square Enix must surely be hoping that they can strike gold with their third major title on the PSP - Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

While Dissidia and Crisis Core fall way short of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G in terms of sales, they are actually quite close to Monster Hunter Freedom and it looks as though Square Enix have actually taken on board what's made Monster Hunter so successful in Japan, while combining the best elements of their two previous games on the system.

Crisis Core had a stellar single player campaign, but it had no online play and Dissidia has what appears to be a very strong single player experience coupled with a fairly basic online battle mode. Agito is set to go one further and offer a full multiplayer online story, which should be a hit in Japan if all goes to plan. Whether it can rival the sales of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G remains to be seen, but the tools are all there if Square Enix want to use them.

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