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Could Microsoft Score A Final Fantasy XIII Bundle?

Could Microsoft Score A Final Fantasy XIII Bundle?

Written by Darryl — 24 Jan 2009

After seeing how successful the limited edition Final Fantasy VII Playstation 3 is right now in Japan, Microsoft are surely taking notes about what a similar deal could do for their console. While it's incredibly unlikely that they'll manage to strike up a deal in Japan with Square Enix, it's much more likely that they could arrange something for North America.

Although Final Fantasy XIII isn't going to be released for more than a year in the West, it's definitely a subject of intrigue and Microsoft have now shown that they are a definite force to be reckoned with in North America, if nowhere else. This can be highlighted by the imminent release of an exclusive Resident Evil 5 Bundle, which will see a limited edition red Xbox 360 come with a red controller, a copy of the game and an NXE theme. There's no word of a similar deal for the Playstation 3 in North America, but there is going to be a much more personalised Limited Edition PS3 for the game in Japan.

If Microsoft could wager a deal, it could be massive for their console. Not only would fans clamour to get hold of the limited edition console (as they are with the Final Fantasy VII PS3), but it would give an added incentive for people to purchase Final Fantasy XIII on their console, as opposed to the Playstation 3. Nobody is really sure how the sales are going to pan out in the war between the two consoles, but right now, anything could help tip the balance and it's probably something that both Sony and Microsoft are exploring the possibility of.

With two limited edition PSPs and a limited edition Playstation 3, Square Enix have clearly shown support for Sony in Japan. They haven't ever shown such support for them elsewhere with regards to limited edition consoles though, and with Microsoft's increasingly good relations it could see the first Square Enix limited edition console on North American shores.

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