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7 Antagonists We Need In Dissidia Arcade (Main Series!)

7 Antagonists We Need In Dissidia Arcade (Main Series!)

Written by Darryl — 17 Sep 2016

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Arcade is really picking up a head of steam, and with Ramza, Y’shtola and Ace all being added as fresh new faces, it clearly opens up the possibility of many more characters being added to this ever-expanding roster.

However, the observant amongst us will notice that those new characters are all protagonists and with the antagonist side always seeming a bit lightweight, it got me thinking about what new characters that should be included on the Spiritus side of the roster. There’s actually quite a few potentials, so for this video at least, I’m sticking with characters from main numbered games only (no sequels or spin-offs).

So, without further ado, here’s seven antagonists we need in Dissidia: Final Fantasy Arcade! (video below for those who don't enjoy reading!)


Final Fantasy III

Alright, we’ve decided to start with the elephant in the room. When you look at the earlier games from the NES era, it’s slim pickings when it comes to main antagonists. There was often one primary figure that had some kind of motivation, but beyond that, many of the antagonists were extremely shallow. I mean, just look at Astos and Bikke.

The only ones that have a legitimate claim against that statement are Garland, who is always shown as the poster boy for what a traditional villain should be, and Xande.

Now, we all know that Cloud of Darkness is the official evil representative from Final Fantasy III in the Dissidia franchise, but it feels like there should be a place for Xande in there too. After all, without Xande there is no Cloud of Darkness. In reality it’s no different from them choosing to include Necron in the game over Kuja, Yu Yevon over Jecht or Orphan... over Barthandalus? Hmm, yeaaaa.

Now, I get why they went for Cloud of Darkness as opposed to those I just mentioned. For one, Cloud of Darkness has a humanoid model of some description, and if you look back, Xande actually has very limited screen time in Final Fantasy III despite being mentioned a lot in the story. But with the earlier games starving for more representation, Xande is the obvious choice to bolster the roster.

Seymour Guado

Final Fantasy X

When the original Dissidia released, it was public knowledge that the developers were torn between including Jecht or Seymour as the antagonist for Final Fantasy X. Jecht was ultimately chosen as they felt it made more sense for Tidus to have a rivalry with him, as opposed to Seymour, but they did state that Seymour would been included instead of Jecht had they chosen to use Yuna as the Final Fantasy X representative instead of Tidus.

That’s fair enough, I can get behind that rationale. But what I can’t get behind is why Seymour wasn’t included with Dissidia Duodecim. Not only did Jecht switch to representing Cosmos, which left a rather large antagonist-sized hole that, let’s be honest, Tidus struggles to fill, but Yuna was also added to the list of Final Fantasy X representatives, yet there was still no room for Seymour.

It’s also worth pointing out that irrespective of anything I’ve just mentioned, Seymour would be the PERFECT fit when thinking about story of Dissidia. Could you imagine him parleying with Kefka? It would be awesome! It would also mean that Anima could be added to the list of summons, surely it’s a win win?

Cid Raines

Final Fantasy XIII

As I touched on earlier when talking about Xande, Final Fantasy XIII is a strange game when you think about antagonists. Both Orphan and Barthandelus are known as prominent figures, but unlike previous games, neither of these characters manifested themselves in a traditional form. Alright, so yes, that’s technically what Galenth Dysley is, but the party never engage with him, so it’s difficult to envision how that would work in Dissidia as the expectation just isn’t there.

Going down the pecking order, the next best option is clearly Cid Raines. His role within the story of Final Fantasy XIII positions him as something of an unwanting antagonist and based on how Dissidia’s storyline has worked in the past, this would be perfect!

Even without considering the story-aspect, Cid Raines just feels like he was custom-built for the franchise. He has immense power due to his l’Cie branding, but he also has two forms thanks to his Metamorphose ability, hello EX-Mode!

The only slight issue is that he has no deep-rooted tie with Lightning, but I’d be willing to forgo the need for that connection, especially when looking at some of their other choices. For example, Squall + Ultimecia, which brings me nicely onto...

Seifer Almasy

Final Fantasy VIII

How did this not just scream at the developers as something, that above all else, should have been a thing in the original Dissidia?

I mean, just think for a second, are there two other characters in the entire franchise who sit on opposite sides of the fence and who have such an intertwined destiny as Squall and Seifer? You could argue for Cecil and Golbez, Basch and Gabranth, Tidus and Jecht, but they are all essentially family feuds. Squall vs Seifer, despite them being orphans together (although they do forgot this), just has an extra little bit of spice.

With Squall and Seifer, we have two characters who are the antithesis of each other. They are the near complete definition of rivalry. They compete in school, in martial arts, for the same girls and even their world-changing ideals are the polar opposite. And that’s not even getting onto how cool it would be to reenact that legendary introduction to Final Fantasy VIII.

C’mon, just put Seifer in the game already. You know you want to Square Enix (+ Team Ninja)!

Professor Hojo

Final Fantasy VII

This one’s something of a red herring, as Professor Hojo has no real martial ability in either a physical or magical sense. However, we all know what Hojo is capable of thanks to his role within the Final Fantasy VII universe.

I think it would be very interesting to see how Hojo’s scientific mind could factor into his abilities. We know that he has the ability to modify his form and use medicines to affect both himself and those who oppose him, so why couldn’t this be the same in the Dissidia franchise?

I know they have very clear combat types at the moment, but I can imagine Hojo as a mix between ranged and melee, where he has the ability to enfeeble his opponents and buff himself up - not something we have really seen so far.

And that’s before we even get onto just how juicy it would be to see how the dynamic would work between Sephiroth, Hojo and of course, Cloud Strife.

Dr. Cidolfus

Final Fantasy XII

When looking at Final Fantasy XII for fresh antagonists, there are some good options. My initial thought was to go with Judge Bergan due to his insane combat abilities and thirst for power, but on the other hand, Dr. Cid represents something more unique and in-keeping with the Dissidia franchise.

Although Balthier doesn’t feature within the existing cast of characters, Cid’s inclusion would make his arrival logical due to their strained relationship. Not to mention that Cid himself would be great to see in the game due to his unique choice of weaponry and his relationship with Venat.

Now, I appreciate that this would then mean we then have two Cids within the game, both positioned as antagonists, but this in itself could end up being rather humorous, as the two could consistently be at loggerheads with each other.


Final Fantasy IX

If Square Enix want to announce a character who would land with a massive splash full of giddy excitement, Beatrix, out of all the ones mentioned, would be that character.

The fandom around this character cannot be underestimated. Not only is she is often heralded as one of the strongest female characters in the franchise, but her military prowess would make her a formidable warrior.

We’ve been pining for some love for Beatrix for some time now and an inclusion in Dissidia would be pretty special. We’d also get to hear an awesome new remix of her theme, Rose of May (or Loss of Me), which would be nice!


So that’s seven antagonists from the main series that we think should be included in Dissidia: Final Fantasy Arcade, do you agree? If not, who would you include instead?

Darryl was playing Final Fantasy before he was even born - quite a feat! Often very opinionated on the Final Fantasy franchise, you will often find him musing about small details. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.