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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Update: Soul Breakout Special

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Update: Soul Breakout Special

Written by Hoogathy — 25 Jun 2016

Welcome to a special installment of Final Fantasy Union’s Record Keeper Update! Another festival event is almost upon us, bringing a wealth of relics to be won and unique challenges to face! Let’s take a look at the goodies DeNa has in store for us.

Every week we get a couple fresh banners connected to the current Event Dungeons, featuring a new crop of signature 5* items and new temptations on which to spend your precious mythril. The sheer volume of content in Record Keeper is becoming staggering; if it was all obtainable at once, we would likely drown in it. Instead we have to try to pull the best possible items available in their own time - and that’s what makes festival events so critical. DeNa brings back some of the best items once available and puts them into five amazing banners, each only available for forty-eight hours.

The stakes are high, especially if your mythril supply is low. Choosing between one of these five lists, if any, can be quite strenuous. This article was written to help steer you in the right direction strategically, but ultimately the decision is up to you based on what you already have. Many of the recommendations that follow assume that you do not already have these items and may be skewed by my own personal perspective - what I own, what I’ve used as Roaming Warriors, and what I’ve seen from dabbling in the Japanese version.

One of the beautiful things about Record Keeper is that you can build parties with pure strategy in mind, or with your favourite characters regardless of their strategic synergy, and still do pretty darn well. If there’s an awesome relic listed for one of your favourite characters, it might be worth pulling for it just for the synergy with your personal tastes. Just keep the odds of pulling any particular item in mind (about 1%).

I recommend looking at the possibilities earnestly. Make a list of the things you want off each banner, see which ones you already own and don’t want to pull again, look at what realms you lack synergy items for, and keep in mind which characters you would and not use. Remember as well, some soul breaks may be useful or reliable if you can use them from a Roaming Warrior, not your own characters. With that in mind, here’s the list of banners for this festival:

Record Keeper Relic Draw Details

Banner #1

1AM PST 6/25 (5PM UTC 6/26) - 12:59PM PST 6/27 (4:59 UTC 6/28)

(Paladin) Cecil - BSB - Excalibur (IV)
- Paladin Force - five hits to all targets, grants user EnHoly
- Burst #1 - holy attack + self-cura
- Burst #2 - holy attack all targets

Celes - SSB - Excalibur (VI)
- Indomitable Blade - 5 hits & absorb enemy magic to restore ability uses

Lightning - SSB - Peacemaker
- Crushing Blow - 5 lightning hits to all targets

Relm - SSB - Chocobo Brush
- Portrait of Lakshmi - party-Curaga + high regen

Beatrix - SB - Thunder Gloves
- Rose of May - 4 hits + party-DEF+50%

Kefka - SB - Kefka’s Cloak
- Magic Infusion - party-Haste + MAG+20%

Mog - SB - Heroic Scarf
- Heroic Harmony - attack-all targets + offenses-50%

Vanille- SB - Wyrmfang
- Oerba’s Boon - party-cura + protect

Gordon - SB - Flame Shield
- Goddess’ Bell - 3 hits-all + offenses-40%

Verdict: There’s several good healing, buffing, and debuffing moves here, but the real star is Paladin Cecil’s new Burst Soul Break, Paladin Force. It grants EnHoly, increasing the holy damage he deals, and both burst commands happen to be holy-elemental. Considering the sheer number of bosses vulnerable to holy, and the general reliability of knights like him, this is a very desirable addition to your arsenal. If you pull seeking it, you can at least get some good utility techniques if you miss it.

Banner #2

5PM PST 6/27 (1AM PST 6/28) - 4:59PM 6/29 (12:59AM PST 6/30)

Tidus - BSB - Razzmatazz
- Abes All-star - 5 ranged attacks-all, grants EnWater
- Burst #1 - 4 water/non-elemental attacks
- Burst #2 - 2 water/non-elemental attacks-all

Squall - BSB - Twin Lance
- Lion’s Roar - four attacks-all
- Burst #1: 4 fire/NE attacks
- Burst #2: 4 wind/NE attacks

Yuna - SSB - Full Metal Rod
- Dragon’s Roar - 4 NE attacks-all + party RES+50%

Penelo - SSB - Holy Rod
- Intercession - 3 holy attacks + party-curaga

Edge - SB - Kotetsu
- Eblan Dual Wield - 8 lightning attacks + paralysis + slow

Edgar - SB - Drill
- Drill - 3 attacks + party DEF+50%

Sabin - SB - Dragon Claws
- Razor Gale - 3 attacks-all + party-ATK+30%

Arc - SB - Holy Wand
- Soothing Light - party-cura + RES+50%

Sazh - SB - Vega 42s
Boon - party-shell + haste

Verdict: Two BSBs make this banner tempting, but their elemental prospects can be a little niche. Some other useful heals and buffs, but overall this banner is a little underwhelming compared to the others (Sorry Squall). Pull here only if you want something for personal reasons.

Banner #3

5PM PST 6/29 (1AM UTC 6/30) - 4:59 PST 7/1 (12:59AM UTC 7/2)

Tyro - BSB - Keeper’s Tome
- Keeper’s Tome - party-shell + protect + magic-blink
- Burst #1 - attack + ATK/MAG-20%
- Burst #1 - attack + DEF/RES-20%

Selphie - SSB - Crescent Wish
- Dreamstage - party-curaga + magic-blink

Red XIII - SSB - Magic Comb
- Stardust Ray - 10 ranged attacks + party-shell

Shadow - SSB - Ichigeki
- Shadow Fang - instant-cast 8 attacks

Yuna - SB - Lullaby Rod
- Hymn of the Fayth - party-cura + high regen

Yuffie - SB - Wutai Headband
- Clear Tranquil - instant-cast all-heal (40%)

Rikku - SB - Flexible Arm
- Machina Sabotage - 4 attacks + ATK-50% + self-ATK+50%

Aerith - SB - Keepsake Ribbon
Planet Protector - party-ATK+50%

Seifer - SB - Seifer’s Coat
- Bloodfest - 4 ranged attacks-all + party RES+50%

Verdict: Despite what I personally deem two lesser items (Shadow and Red’s), this banner deserves your attention. Tyro’s BSB makes him even more vital: he begins by casting Protect & Shell on your party (which, by the way, stack with his Sentinel’s Grimoire buffs), then wears down opponents’ offenses and defenses. There’s also some fantastic “medica” techniques and three basic Soul Breaks that are still very relevant.

Banner #4

5PM PST 7/1 (1AM UTC 7/2) - 4:59 PST 7/3 (12:59 UTC 7/4)

Bartz - BSB - Ragnarok
- Light of the Four - 6 attacks
- Burst #1 - 4 wind/water attacks
- Burst #2 - 4 fire/earth attacks

Ramza - SSB - Platinum Sword
- Shout - party-haste + ATK+50%

Gilgamesh - SSB - Genji Blade
- Faithful Companion - 3 attacks-all + party-high regen

Agrias - SSB - Defender
- HallowedBolt - 4 ranged attacks-all + paralysis + silence

Edea - SB - Sorceress’ Crown
- Inaugural Parade - party-haste + MAG+20%

Basch - SB - Platinum Shield
- Apocalypse Shield - party-ATK/DEF+30%

Faris - SB - Yoichi’s Bow
- Sea Lord’s Broadside - 4 ranged attacks-all + ATK/MAG-40%

Lenna - SB - Sage’s Staff
- Princess’ Favor - party-cura + high regen

Vaan - SB - Kogarasumaru
- Windburst - 3 ranged attacks + blind + silence

Verdict: Bartz’ BSB is similar to Squall’s in that it packs a series of elemental punches, but here you have more common weaknesses to exploit; remember that these will target whichever element is weaker, but unlike Squall’s BSB they don’t default to non-elemental. The biggest draw here is the infamous Shout, which is perhaps the most coveted SSB in the game for the incredible boost it gives to a physical team. For this alone the banner might be worth your attention; a relic for Gilgamesh is a decent consolation prize, as he’s still rated a highly valuable character. (I struggle with Vaan’s inclusion though; he’s a valuable asset in Record Keeper, but I dislike him so much that I don’t want to use him in this game if I can avoid it.)

Banner #5

5PM PST 7/3 (1AM UTC 7/4) - 4:59 PST 7/5 (12:59 UTC 7/6)

Cloud - BSB - 1st Fusion Sword
- Fenrir Overdrive - 8 attacks-random
- Burst #1 - 2 attacks-all
- Burst #2 - 4 attacks

Terra - BSB - Stardust Rod
- Blood of Espers - 5 NE magic attacks
- Burst #1 - 4 fire/NE magic attacks
- Burst #2 - 4 water/NE magic attacks

Eiko - SSB - Fairy Flute
- Flames of Rebirth - party-cura + reraise (40%)

Balthier - SSB - Aldebaran
- Strahl Strafe - 6 ranged fire attacks + fire resistance-20%

Tyro - SB - Sentinel’s Grimoire
- Sentinel’s Grimoire - party-DEF/RES+200%

Agrias - SB - Kaiser Shield
- Cleansing Strike - 3 attacks + ATK/MAG-50%

Ramza - SB - Grand Armour
- Tailwind - party-heal 40% + protect

Desch - SB - Desch’s Sword
- Bolt of the Ancients - 4 magic lightning attacks-all + self-EnLightning

Leon - SB - Golden Armour
- Hand of the Emperor - party-ATK/DEF+30%

Verdict: Fenrir Overdrive was our first BSB and it’s still useful for its sheer force; Terra’s new BSB brings another suite of elemental attacks with a magical twist. The true star here, however, is one of the meagre Soul Breaks: Tyro’s outstanding Sentinel’s Grimoire. If you don’t already have it (or Ysolda’s identical Stoneskin II), I believe this banner deserves at least 50 mythril from you. Every player can benefit greatly from having this in their roster. On top of this game-changing prize, several items from the coveted and controversial Tactics banner recur here which enable Ramza and Agrias to truly fulfil their respective potentials, and Leon has a viable contender for Shout’s throne - if it had haste, I might call it superior.

Final Verdict

Personally, I would rank the banners in ascending order thusly: 2, 1, 3, 4, 5. But this is my personal opinion, and the way I’ll be prioritizing my own mythril use (I’ve got 6 full 11x pulls to designate after all!). If your team is missing buffs or heals, target the banners that feature those techniques on characters you’d prefer. (But really, you should try to get Sentinel’s Grimoire if you don’t already have it! Tyro is a character with nearly infinite potential, and combining this soul break with a record materia like Dr. Mog’s Teachings can redefine your approach to Ultimate/Ultimate+ bosses.)

Dawn Over the Big Bridge: Ultimate Boss Gauntlet

Phase 1 (Big Bridge): June 25 - July 1
Phase 2 (Void): July 2 - July 6

Alongside the festival, Global FFRK is finally getting a special Final Fantasy V-themed event featuring some of the series’ most iconic bosses. Each battle has two different phases (the easier “Big Bridge” and Ultimate-level “Void”) with unique medal conditions and rewards. Test your mettle and show off your shiny new soul breaks against these challenging foes!

Final Fantasy VI - Kefka - 45/140
Final Fantasy XIII - Odin - 60/140
Final Fantasy IV - Golbez - 60/140
Final Fantasy X - Yunalesca - 75/140
Final Fantasy VIII - Adel - 75/140
Final Fantasy VII - Bahamut SIN - 75/160
Final Fantasy V - Gilgamesh & Enkidu - 100/160
Final Fantasy V: Gilgamesh - 99/160

Coming Up: “The Lord of Crags”

June 28 will mark the return of FFXIV to the main Event Dungeon stage, and the arrival of two more Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Yda and Papalymo. For the next few months we’re getting characters and new skills a little less frequently, so enjoy the rush of new additions now while we can! Yda can use Combat 5 / Support 4 / Monk 5 abilities (and, like Jecht, is a monk-type that can equip swords for much more versatility); Papalymo, meanwhile, is another decent mage with access to Black 5 and White 4. Memory Crystals and Memory Crystal IIs are available as rewards for all four XIV representatives, and the banners here are chock full of awesome items for them - including Thyrus, which imparts Ysolda’s Stoneskin II!

That’s it for this special update. Good luck in the festival and on the Big Bridge! Let us know in the comments how you make out!

Special thanks to the folks at r/FFRecordKeeper and Kongbakpao for sniffing out this information ahead of time!

A Canadian writer and geekdom enthusiast, Chris has never found a Final Fantasy he couldn't appreciate. If he were to choose a Job class to represent him, he'd like to say Paladin, though Scholar is more likely. Find him on Twitter.