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Don't Blame Microsoft For Final Fantasy XIII's Release Date

Don't Blame Microsoft For Final Fantasy XIII's Release Date

Written by Darryl — 15 Jan 2009

Following Yoichi Wada's announcement that Final Fantasy XIII would be released after April 2010 in North America and Europe, people started to point fingers. The first place those fingers pointed was of course Microsoft. Despite Square Enix saying that the Xbox 360 port won't slow down the release of Final Fantasy XIII, people don't necessarily believe this and Wada's comments have opened up a can of worms.

It is more than likely that Microsoft are indeed little to do with Wada's projected release date. It's more like that it's to do with Square Enix's own business dealings. Currently, Final Fantasy XIII in Japan is set to hit during the fiscal year which starts in April 2009. This will more than likely result in Square Enix seeing an increase in profits from 2008, which will please their share holders no end; everyone likes to make a profit on the last year. However, if they were to release Final Fantasy XIII in North America and Europe in the same fiscal year, their profits would be considerably higher. It's for this reason that it makes sense for them to release Final Fantasy XIII in those territories in the fiscal year beginning April 2010, so that profits don't dip year on year.

Another factor is obviously Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, both of which are scheduled to come out in Japan this year. It wouldn't be surprising to see them both come out after April 2010 either, as Square Enix starts to try and gain the faith of their share holders once again after what's been a less than smooth year for them.

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