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Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs For Road Trips In Final Fantasy XV

Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs For Road Trips In Final Fantasy XV

Written by Spencer — 23 May 2016

We’ve had a glut of information relating to Final Fantasy XV in the past couple of months, let alone the last year, but one of the coolest pieces of information related to the Regalia’s radio! Fans had voiced their opinions about how cool it would be for the radio to play Final Fantasy music and Hajime Tabata revealed not too long ago that they listened, and decided to put this feature in the game!

It’s become one of my most anticipated features for the game, but as yet, we haven’t had any kind of track list. So I thought this would be the perfect time to let Square Enix know the top five songs that I feel need to make it into the final game or at the very least should be added in via DLC, because we all know it’s going to happen.

These songs will be in no particular order, but I feel they would each be perfect in their own right to accompany almost anyone in certain moments throughout your journey. Just bear in mind that each song might be suited to a different emotional tone, as opposed to just straight driving!

Final Fantasy IV: Overworld Theme

Final Fantasy IV's soundtrack has always been a fan favorite over the years and in my opinion has one of the most whimsical overworld themes that captures that feeling Final Fantasy games give us.

Its high tempo also gives you a feeling of exploration, but assuming these songs play anytime you want, it could also suit a situation where you need to make a frantic escape sequence that then goes into something more calming once the danger has been averted.

Final Fantasy IX: You’re Not Alone

This classic song plays when Zidane is at an all time low and could be a nice way to add some more somber tracks to Final Fantasy XV.

Much like in Final Fantasy IX, where these moments did exist, there are bound to be times where Noctis doesn’t always see eye to eye with the rest of his party. Imagine a scene where tensions are high in the story and no one is talking at all while driving the car as this track play in the background reminding the players of when they went through tough times with Zidane and his friends.

Final Fantasy X: Otherworld

This song may be one of the most infamous songs in the series, but has always stood out in my opinion as a very unexpected song that really works even though it probably shouldn’t. Also I would be lying if I didn’t think that Gladiolus or Noctis didn’t look like guys who would be into listening to J-Rock.

Taking a page from Saints Row, the gang could even comment/sing along to specific songs and just imagining them all trying to actually sing in that deep voice is worth this slot alone. Oh, and the crazy mosh dancing that would ensue while trying to remain within the car!

Dissidia: Final Fantasy: Cosmos

While Dissidia: Final Fantasy has always a fan favorite in the series, the game's original tracks never get much recognition. It's something of a shame, as Ishimoto did some stellar work. Cosmos is one of the game’s best tracks mainly due to it great blend of music and vocals and integration of the game's main theme.

While thematically this song doesn’t have many similarities with Final Fantasy XV, it would be a nice way to show more fans/newcomers to the series a track that I feel deserves some more love.

Final Fantasy Type-0: What Becomes Of Us

This final song is not only one of my favorite songs from Type-0, but I think including some songs from this game to listen to in Final Fantasy XV would be good for a few reasons. For one, it would give Hajime Tabata (the director of Type-0/FFXV) another game to remind the world how good Type-0 was.

Along with that I still always think of Type-0 whenever Final Fantasy XV comes up or vice versa and not just because of the demo situation, it mainly stems from the fact that both games were going to be part of the Final Fantasy XIII universe, but broke out to become their own very unique things that the fans have seemed to enjoy a lot more than the legacy of Final Fantasy XIII.

In summary, when choosing these songs I tried to choose the more unconventional songs from the series. There is very little doubt in my mind that we will hear tracks from games like Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII, but sometimes it's the lesser known tracks that are better options. We would love to hear what songs you want to crank the volume and hum along to while playing Final Fantasy XV later this year so be sure to let us know what songs you want them to add in the comments below.

Spencer is something of a veteran around these parts, as a previous podcast host. He has a desperate love for Persona, but that just makes his love for Final Fantasy grow even stronger! You can follow his confused JRPG ramblings on Twitter.