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Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Yeul (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Yeul (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Written by Lauren — 08 Nov 2015

Welcome all to another edition of Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay where I scour the internet looking for items to create casual cosplays of all your favorite Final Fantasy characters.

Last week, I introduced my sketches addition with Gippal. This week, I've done it again with Yeul so hopefully it'll provide some insight into how I picture this outfit working together.



Yeul (also know as Paddra Nsu-Yeul) is a supporting character from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Without getting too spoilery, she has a strong connection to the game's main antagonist Caius Ballad. For her casual cosplay, I've decided to focus on the yellows within her costume instead of the purple, although you could easily attempt to dye this dress should want a more authentic looking Yeul casual cosplay. This casual cosplay was specially requested by Viki Taylor.


Floral-Embroidered Yoke Layered Dress - $24.90
Although I think a halter top would probably be best here, I know not everyone is comfortable showing off their tummy. I know I'm not. So instead I've opted for this layered dress which has some lovely floral embroidery at the top which is similar to Yeul's decorative neck piece.
UK Alternative - Embroidered Gauze Dress - £26.00

Longline Open-Front Cardigan - Mustard - $15.00
I love the gold within Yeul's dress and decided that this would be a lovely focal point for your outer wear. Also it makes this outfit wearable in the colder months.
UK Alternative - Cable Knit Batwing Cardigan - Mustard - £23.00

Womens Bohemia Moccasins Mid Calf Flat Shoes - $22.79
As we're casual cosplaying Yeul, we definitely need to have moccasins. Searching around ebay I managed to find these guys which are pretty reasonably priced so even if you're only going to wear these once, they won't break the bank so much.
UK Alternative - Womens Bohemia Moccasins Mid Calf Flat Shoes - £14.80

Women's Bangle Bracelets with Beads - $12.99
You can't have a Yeul cosplay without some beaded jewelry. I found these lovely beaded bracelets at Target which have a lot of different colours featured.
UK Alternative - Atdoshop(TM) New Fashion Lady Bohemian Beaded Bangle - £2.59

ASOS Chunky Leaf Hair Clip - $11.00
I love the idea of wearing these type of flowered silver clips in your hair. I think it looks so elegant and sweet. Being that Yeul wears these in her hair as well, it's only natural you get your self a hairclip that's similar. For shorter hair, I'd suggest a smaller flowered hairclip of some sort.
UK Alternative - ASOS Chunky Leaf Hair Clip - £6.00

UK TOTAL: £72.39

I hope you enjoyed my casual cosplay interpretation of Yeul's costume! Check back next week for another installment!

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Lauren is a self-confessed Squall addict and will fight to the death whenever questioned. You can often find her scouring retailers for her next casual cosplay features! Feel free to follow her on Twitter.