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7 Things in Final Fantasy XIV You Might Have Overlooked

7 Things in Final Fantasy XIV You Might Have Overlooked

Written by Alex Maine — 03 Nov 2015

Whether you've been playing 3 days or 300 days, Final Fantasy XIV is a treasure trove of features. Many of us are impatiently waiting for 3.1 but have you overlooked anything? Here is a list of things you may or may not know about!

Wind-up Sun Minion

Still looking for that perfect screenshot? Well this might help. When you summon this minion it will create a static glow of light. When you turn off your HUD, the light emitted will remain. This helps light your screenshots in different ways. Trade an Elixir to the Magic Pot on the farthest point of the Isle of Umbra (Western La Noscea) and it's all yours.


Bored of the way you sit or stand? Give this command a go. It's often overlooked but it will change things up for you. While you're at it, give /facecamera a go too. You're welcome!


A commonly overlooked NPC that will reward you with all sorts of things after achieving multiple accomplishments along your way. While this is brought to your attention in a help window, many forget about it. You can find him at Apkallu Falls, Old Gridania (X 10, Y 6).

Item Restoration

So you accidentally threw away an important weapon, or messed up using your fantasia? Well you're in luck. Firstly, before you get worked up about it, check with the Calamity Salvagers found in all three major cities. If that doesn't pan out, you can submit a request to a Game Master and ask for it to be returned via the One-time Item Restoration Policy. Don't make this choice lightly. You can only do this once.


Commonly overlooked, but not to be underestimated. If like me, you've been around a bit, you'll find your gear will start building up. As the seasonal events come and go, it becomes harder to mange everything you've collected. In comes the armoire to save the day. You can store lvl 1 starting gear, lvl 50 job gear and most seasonal gear. 've saved over 50 slots thanks to this. The armoire will set you back a few gil but you can access it for free via an Inn.

Overlap Furniture

While this can be annoying, it can also be a blessing. You can create custom furniture by overlaying items. For example, why not try overlapping a striking dummy with a topiary Moogle. Yes, sickening, I know.

Company Crested Gear

If you're part of a glorious Free Company and you want to display your company crest on select gear, head over to your Grand Company. Seek out the ̢