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10 Interesting Facts About Tetsuya Nomura Who Is 45 Today

10 Interesting Facts About Tetsuya Nomura Who Is 45 Today

Written by Lauren — 08 Oct 2015

Director Tetsuya Nomura has had a long standing relationship with Square. Starting as a debugger on Final Fantasy IV to now the director on some of Square Enix's biggest Japanese titles, Nomura has come a long way. In honor of his 45th birthday we're offering some fun facts about the director and his creations that we've all come to know and love.

1. His art teacher introduced him to Yoshitaka Amano's work
It's weird to think of Nomura as an outsider to the Final Fantasy series, but way back when he was in secondary/high school, his art teacher apparently introduced him to the works of Amano which later lead to him applying for a job at Square after he had graduated from a vocational school.

2. Nomura Impressed Sakaguchi by writing out his plan books by hand
Around the time he started working on Final Fantasy V, the Final Fantasy developers relied on computerized plan books to present to the game's director. These including things like job ideas for the game. Instead of using the computer, Nomura wrote his plan books out by hand with drawings attached. This apparently impressed Final Fantasy director Hironobu Sakaguchi and event planner Yoshinori Kitase and serves as a turning point in his career at Square.

3. Some of Shadow and Setzer's Designs in Final Fantasy VI were from his rejected concepts from Final Fantasy V
Nomura's ideas for a ninja with a dog and a gambler were actually from his work on Final Fantasy V, so when Final Fantasy VI came around, he used some of those early concepts to help build Shadow and Setzer in Final Fantasy VI.

4. Nomura interest in making a Mickey game comes partially from Mario 64
Apparently the director didn't really have a desire to make a Disney game initially, but Mario 64 peaked his desire to make what would then become Kingdom Hearts.

5. One of his goals for Final Fantasy X was to make the character's clothes match between their in-game models and FMV models
He also made sure that those working on the game paid attention to the order in which Lulu's belts on her skirt laid and how they were meant to be buckled.

6. We can blame Nomura for Aerith's death
Apparently after a late night phone call with Yoshinori Kitase (who was then director of Final Fantasy VII), Nomura mentioned that they should kill off Aerith giving Tifa more spotlight during the second half of Final Fantasy VII.

7. Irvine's personality in Final Fantasy VIII comes from Nomura not wanting to make him too attractive
Apparently Nomura had quite a tough time designing Irvine in Final Fantasy VIII, mainly because he didn't want him to outshine Squall. His solution was then to give Irvine a bit of a silly personality so that he was cool looking, but not perfect.

8. Nomura's love for drawing comes from his father
His father wasn't necessarily an avid artist, but he apparently used to draw little things for Nomura when he was a child and often helped with arts and crafts which helped Nomura's interest in drawing.

9. Nomura loves making stories with open endings.
He's said that he enjoys writing stories that are open ended to encourage people to discuss. This is part of the reason why he introduces some characters within Kingdom Hearts without identifying who they are initially.

10. Tidus' design is heavily influenced by the ocean
Nomura definitely wanted to play on Tidus' connection to the ocean and so he incorporated ocean-based items to flesh out his design from fishing hooks to whale fins. Also, that mark on Tidus' necklace? It's not only meant to be a "T" but also a "J" for Jecht.

So there you have it! 10 fun facts about Nomura and his design work. Did you see something on the list that surprised you? Do you have any fun Nomura facts of your own? Let us know in the comments!

We also wish Tetsuya Nomura a very happy 45th birthday!

Source: Flaregamer

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